Monday, July 14, 2008

Sand Dunes of South Carolina

My name is Christine and I'm a beach snob. At least I was until recently. I liked my beach straight up with a twist of Pacific Ocean. To me, there was nothing like the Beach Cities of Los Angeles or any and all Hawaiian beaches.

This was all about to change when my Mother-in-Law started planning a big family trip to South Carolina. Now that her and her siblings' kids had kids, wasn't it time to reinstitute the annual Packer/Guillot Beach Trip? I was ready for a beach trip since I hadn't properly laid still on a towel for ages, but would I think the Atlantic and her beaches could rival those of my beloved Pacific?

They can! The ocean is warm, the sand soft, plenty of shells to collect and enough honor among beach-goers that you could put your chairs and umbrella out in the morning and not have to worry about them getting stolen.

We fit fifteen adults and four children in a two story home with eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens, nearly a dozen porch rocking chairs, a carport that fit four cars with room for another three in the driveway and… wait for it… the beach in our backyard. Bless the front row and the smart family members that found this rental through Dunes Realty.

I relaxed, enjoyed great company, connected with extended family members, took Nicholas on his first proper vacation, played in the water and even had time to burn through most of my latest book. I loved it! The most relaxing end to the trip was that my husband sat next to Nicholas in his car seat for all three legs of our flight home. I savored every last bite of that vacation.

We’re already planning our beach trip for next summer.

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