Friday, August 22, 2008

What's In My Diaper Bag?

A few weeks before Nicholas was born, I put together my diaper bag. I knew that I wouldn't want to think about getting it together for our first outing which would be our first trip to the pediatrician's office. When I was done with that, I put together the identical contents for my husband in a bag that had a more masculine feel. When I was done with that, I put together a super duper emergency diaper bag that would reside in the car trunk.

I put together the second diaper bag because I was being considerate. What if JD didn't want to carry my feminine diaper bag while the two of them went on a special father-son outing? I put together the third diaper bag because I was watching too much Jon & Kate Plus 8 and that's what they have in the back of their 10-passenger van.

Almost one year later, the inside of my diaper bag looks really different. It's not that I was carrying the wrong things but now I'm carrying fewer things. I would highly recommend packing one diaper bag before bringing baby home but I would recommend an edited list of things. The second and third diaper bag I would hold off on. [Note from JD - I got over it and just carry the main diaper bag. Turns out that carrying my son is enough of a cue of my manhood that a diaper bag doesn't even register as anything embarrassing.]

My original diaper bag included

· diapers

· changing mat

· baby wipes

· grocery bags for trash

· bleach wipes [for questionable surfaces]

· hand sanitizer

· all-purpose baby ointment

· diaper rash cream

· hand lotion

· disposable latex gloves

· baby outfit

· baby hat, gloves and socks

· receiving blanket

· disposable camera

· mini stuffed animal

· baby rattle

I would instead recommend

· diapers

· changing mat

· baby wipes

· bag for dirty diapers [disposable or re-usable and washable]

· hand sanitizer

· baby ointment or cream

· baby outfit

· receiving blanket

· nursing drape or bottle/formula

· extra pacifier [if using]

Why would I get the rid of the rest?

· Bleach wipes [you can baby wipe questionable surfaces and your baby isn't coordinated enough to move off the changing mat and grab things]

· All-purpose baby ointment AND Diaper rash cream [I'd carry a small container of only one and I'm a huge fan of the ointment because it's also great for those little bitty nail scratches or chapped skin]

· Hand lotion [because I just let my hand get a little dry]

· Disposable latex gloves [you can baby wipe then hand sanitize or wash any poopy disaster. Also, you might want to avoid them if you have latex allergy concerns]

· Baby hat, gloves and socks [I never lost them and they never needed to be changed]

· Disposable camera [the normal camera was always around]

· Mini stuffed animal and baby rattle [Nicholas didn't really focus on toys for several months]

As you and your baby grow together, you'll figure out what you need and don't need in the bag. If you do decide to put together an emergency diaper bag for the trunk, don't forgot to rotate diapers and clothes for growing babies and seasonal changes.

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