Wednesday, September 3, 2008


You know that part of a magazine that talks about the photo session that led to the front cover? It discusses what the model was wearing upon arrival to the set, what he or she had for lunch and listened to while working. It provides the name of the styling team: wardrobe, hair and makeup. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Well that has never happened to me. No one has wanted to know what I wore on set or what is in my iTunes library. Since I only wear make-up when I'm getting dolled up, there's no need to provide credit there. I have self-love and I have self-confidence but I'm just a regular gal. You know what I mean?

But there are times when my eyebrows look so good that if I was in a magazine and there was a section talking about my styling, my aesthetician, Kate Thorbeck, would be credited. Kate is the owner of Surya Spa in Magnolia. I met Kate many moons ago when she fixed my poor brows that had been ruined by a horrible, horrible, horrible waxing experience.

After a recent visit to see Kate, I decided to create an occasion to credit Kate for my excellent eyebrows.

Eyebrows: Kate Thorbeck, Surya Spa
Photo: Emerald England, Emerald England Photography and Graphic Design, LLC

[While this photo was taken a year ago, it's the closet thing experience I've had to a "fashion" photo shoot.]

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Emerald said...

You DO have great brows, you know :) Thanks for the shoutout!