Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy First Birthday, Nicholas!

On the big day, we popped into Dad's office for a birthday lunch. Nicholas' first run-in with a cupcake wasn't successful [i.e. didn't end up all over his face]. That night we attended our bi-monthly PEPS meeting and he had a grand time playing with his buddies.

Later in the week, Nicholas got his first haircut. This decision about when to have his hair cut was hotly debated between my husband and me. I won't say who won that debate but I will say that Nicholas is stylin' a new do and had fun getting his hair cut. To celebrate this milestone and my own birthday, Nicholas had a second run-in with a cupcake. On his hands, all over his face, in his mouth, in his belly, up his nose. It was pure delight.

The week ended with Nicholas' party-turned-biggest-playdate-yet at Gymboree Play and Music and, you guessed it, another cupcake. Now I've lived the sentiment: to spoil a baby rotten.

So what now? Well, every bit of cupcake he shoved into his mouth proved to me that he is capable of eating chunky food. So believe you me, his veggies, proteins, fruits and breads will be in chunks from now on. The jig is up, Bubba! You're a big boy now.

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