Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Beater Phone

My cell phone died on me today. The causes are known – biting, licking and falling on the ground. When I went to visit my neighborhood cell phone provider, I learned that I was caught in a loop. My phone was no longer under warranty, I was not eligible to re-new my contract to get a free phone and I wasn't eligible for a discount on a full-price phone. What?!?

At first, I thought I'd just use my previous cell phone, but then I remembered that I had given it to my dad when he was stuck in a similar contract situation. I had boxed up that beloved phone in its original packaging and mailed it to him.

That's when I remembered Goldie. Goldie is a gold-toned Nokia I purchased on-line a while back. I loved her right off the bat even though I got horrible service in my condo building and in my work loft. It was so bad that, shortly after she arrived, I boxed her up and stashed her away.

I found her this afternoon. She's all charged up and ready to go, and seems to get a few bars of service in the new townhouse. So far, so good.

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