Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cupcakes are Yummy!

I did not grow up a huge fan of cupcakes, nor did I dislike them. They just weren't part of my family's dessert repertoire.

When I moved to Ballard in 2006 and discovered Cupcake Royale on NW Market Street, I had to institute a rule: one cupcake per week. While it's much easier to impose some self control, I'm still a sucka'!

I tend to go with what I know – lavender frosted chocolate cupcake or lemon frosted vanilla cupcake. Then I saw the seasonal Skagit Valley Farm Strawberry frosted cupcakes. Are you kidding me with the locally grown, real strawberries [organic no less] in the icing? I'm all about it!

And as if that wasn't enough pure pleasure, I found myself inside the Wallingford Center this same week. I had to take a peek at Trophy Cupcakes and Party. Not only were their cupcakes gorgeous, the ambiance was a treat. I tried their Red Velvet Cupcake. Never has red velvet cake tasted of chocolate to me like that cupcake did.

Cupcakes are yummy indeed!

Oh! Oh! Self-control, where are you?

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