Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hot Child, Summer in the City

Finally! It's hot. Damn hot! For those of you reading who aren't from Seattle, cut me some slack. I will gladly take 80 degrees in May.

I'm a nursing Mom and though I am comfortable with the idea of having a moderate amount of coffee blended blah blah or a sweet sexy saucy cocktail, that's not what I'm in the mood for. Those things keep me feeling icky and sticky on days like today. I'm also the type that prefers ice cream in the winter. For me it's ice water and a homemade smoothie.

There are lots of smoothie recipes available but I want to share my tried and true recipe from my days working at a café and book store in Southern California (which has since gone out of business for reasons unrelated to the quality of their smoothies).

Make-It-Yourself Smoothie:
1 Cup liquid (i.e. juice, watered down juice, lemonade, or milk)

¼ Cup to ½ Cup protein (i.e. plain yogurt, vanilla yogurt, Greek yogurt or peanut butter) – OR –
1 serving of your favorite protein powder

1 – 2 Servings of fresh of frozen fruit

½ Cup of ice if you want that extra crunch

Here are my favorite combinations:
· Lactose Free Milk – Peanut Butter – Banana
· Pear Juice – Greek Yogurt – Frozen Mangos
· Pomegranate Juice –Protein Powder – Frozen Berries – Ice
· Lemonade – Protein Powder –Strawberries – Ice

Do you make and freeze your baby's food? You can also try using some of his fruit.

Bottoms up, you Hottie!

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