Friday, May 16, 2008

Whose Bag Is It Anyway?

My memory is hit-or-miss. When it comes to remembering what I learned in high school Chemistry, it's a miss. But when it comes to almost anything shopping related, it's a hit. A big hit.

I remember shopping for our smart diaper bag which we bought after the baby was born. I reviewed my options with my husband in mind. What would he want to carry? What is the most practical bag? We settled on a black nylon messenger bag with a really cool convertible strap system. The most important part about this statement is the word "We." We purchased this bag.

Flash forward in time several months. My husband, baby and I were invited to a baby shower in honor of great friends who were expecting baby number two. All three of us were over-stimulated by the two-year old kids running around, playing with toys, and talking VERY LOUDLY. At some point during the party I went to grab something from my diaper bag. Hmm… that's funny. I have the same bag as someone else. Wait… that's not it! On my third attempt, I identified the correct bag.

Flash forward in time several more months. As we were leaving the pediatrician's office I was telling my husband about how I felt like a Mom through-and-through at that moment. The description was something like this – "I'm sleepy. I'm wearing what could be considered by some to be pajamas. My hair's out of control and my purse is busting at the seams." My dear sweet husband shared a laugh with me and pointed out, "It's not a purse. It's a diaper bag."

Flash back one day, one week, one month… you get the picture. "We" don't use the diaper bag. I use the diaper bag and my husband holds it if I ask him to.

My husband's words were like bad song lyrics I couldn't get out of my head.

Well, I have finally decided to change the station, and guess what? I love this new song! ... Figuratively, of course.

Armed with a gift card I received as a Christmas gift, I have now purchased what should only be described as a purse. A roomy purse with a beautiful canvas body and leather trim. This bag is for me. It holds my things (although it still has room for the baby's things). This bag is to be worn by me, not my stroller. Yippee!

So now the baby is sleeping through the night, I am wearing super cute dark denim shorts instead of workout capris, I style my hair every other day and now I have a purse not a diaper bag. Progress, hah cha!!

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